Coffee With ORPA: Federal Sponsor Guidance on Other Support, Foreign Component and FCOI

Thu, Oct 10, 2019, 9:30 am
Friend Center Convocation Room

NIH recently issued new guidance, as a reminder or clarification to the research community, of its policies concerning Other Support, Foreign Component, and reporting of Financial Conflicts of Interest. The new guidance aims to curb inappropriate breaches of research security and integrity by foreign nations while maintaining a high level of research integrity throughout the US research enterprise. Institutions across the country are struggling to understand and interpret the new guidance and balance it with longstanding institutional values of openness and international collaboration. Join us, as we take a deep dive into the intent behind the new guidance and how best to interpret, apply, and communicate these changes to our researchers. We will discuss in detail what constitutes Other Support and what must, may or may not apply. We will also discuss the different positions and approaches taken by other sponsors in this arena, including NSF, DOE, and DOD. 

Please register to attend through the Employee Learning Center.

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