Exports and Imports

Export control regulations may apply to exports and imports of items initiated by anyone at the University. The Fundamental Research Exclusion may exempt results generated during the course of research projects at Princeton, mitigating the need for an export license. However, shipments of items—even those produced as part of a Fundamental Research project—may still require one.

Remote study and work for Princeton students and staff during the pandemic.

eShip Global eLearning classes are available through the Employee Learning Center, under Finance and Treasury-eShipGlobal.

Please contact Export Controls at [email protected] for assistance in determining whether an export license is required in your case. For the fastest response, provide the full information outlined on the export license page.

Increase in tariffs on various Chinese-produced items

On May 14, 2024, President Biden announced a significant increase on tariffs for the importation of various Chinese goods.  Tariff rates have increased as much as 100% on goods related to electric vehicles, advanced batteries, solar cells, steel, aluminum, medical equipment and other items.  This tariff increase will raise the purchase price of goods being imported from China.  It is recommended that you confirm the full price from all destinations, please be sure to investigate the full purchase price (including tariffs) before committing to a purchase from China. 

More information on the products affected and their new tariff rates can be found here.

New Requirements for Shipments to the European Union, Northern Ireland, Norway or Switzerland

New Requirements for Shipments to China, Russia and Venezuela

Shipping Options