Remote Study and Work During the Pandemic: Export Control Considerations

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

The University continues to monitor the situation related to COVID-19 and its impacts on students, faculty, staff, and researchers that are working remotely during this time.  The following information is intended to provide general guidance on export control-related issues which may affect the University community.

Providing persons with export controlled materials or data may require an export license under the laws and regulations that govern the export of any item or technology from the United States to a foreign country or to non-U.S. persons. United States government export controls apply to the following:

The University has an established export controls process to review items, articles, materials, supplies and equipment shipped to individuals working in remote locations. 

Shipments to Persons Overseas

Due to the unusually large number of shipments that are expected to be made immediately prior to the start of classes, we are asking that departments provide a list of all items to be sent to persons overseas so that the export control review process can begin in advance of the shipment being prepared. 

The following guidance applies to all shipments of physical items (e.g., FedEx shipment) or electronic transfers (e.g., software download).

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) has also posted information regarding Remote Learning and Sending Course Equipment/Supplies/Kits to Students.  If you are unsure whether to submit the information to EHS or Export Controls, please submit to EHS and the offices will coordinate to ensure that any concerns are addressed by the appropriate party.

Export Controls has created a spreadsheet (see attached) that itemizes the information that is required for the export control review.  Generally the export control review is done after the item is purchased. However, to expedite the process, the export control office will conduct the review in advance based on the information provided in this spreadsheet.

Please send the completed list of equipment and software to Export Controls ([email protected]) with the subject line, “ECCCN review for {Your Department Name}”, as soon as possible. Export Controls will conduct the export analysis on the front end to determine if it is necessary to apply for an export license in order for the shipment to take place.     

In the event an export license is required for items, software or technical data, the process of obtaining an export license can take six weeks or significantly more.  Departments are encouraged to make alternate arrangements if a license is required since it is anticipated that the licensing agencies will be fielding licenses from many universities across the US during this time period.

Once the review is complete, you should use the eShipGlobal tool for shipping. The routing will be expedited since the export control analysis will have been done in advance.

Additional Information

Specific questions on export control related issues can be addressed to Export Control team at ([email protected]).

Environmental Health & Safety may be contacted about domestic and international shipping of hazardous materials at [email protected].

The Office of Finance & Treasury has information related to hiring, paying persons who are overseas, taxes, etc.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) has a website and position paper library devoted to secure computing:  Please contact David Sherry, the Chief Information Security Officer, if you have questions or concerns about cybersecurity issues.

The Graduate School has a website dedicated to the upcoming academic semester.

The Office of the Dean of the College