Federal Regulations

Multiple sets of federal regulations govern the export control of goods, technology, and services across a range of scenarios relevant to the University community. These may pertain to the following:

  • Technology: The export of certain technologies, information, and software from the United States, as well as the export of technology and software to non-U.S. persons in the United States
  • Shipping data or goods: United States export controls apply to the export of items, software, and technology from the United States, as well as the re-export from country A to country B.
  • Sanctions: The Department of Treasury (through its Office of Foreign Assets Control) maintains targeted economic sanctions involving designated countries, entities, and individuals. These restrict or prohibit a wide range of exports and other transactions, including educational services.  

Classify Your Export 

ITAR-controlled items are found on the the United States Munitions List (USML), and EAR-controlled items are found on the Commerce Control List. (See below.) However, even if an item is not listed, it may be export controlled to certain countries or individuals. The Export Controls team can help you classify equipment, software, or technical data. Contact us early in the process to ensure that the timeline for procuring a potential export license aligns with your schedule. We will work with you to determine which regulations are in play and whether a license is required.

Key Regulations