Finding Funding

Princeton researchers are supported in their work through funding from government agencies, corporations, foundations, and other University-specific sources. While the majority of sponsored awards arise from faculty-initiated proposals to federal sponsors, additional funding is available for specific projects or programs. ORPA administers all externally funded sponsored research, and plays a role from proposal through close-out. 

The first step in obtaining funding is identifying appropriate opportunities. Although there is no single database that provides comprehensive information, the below resources may be helpful.

Funding Opportunities

Highlighted, Limited Submission, and Diversity Programs

ORPA highlights popular funding opportunities, as well as those of special interest to Princeton researchers. "Limited submission” opportunities include those for which funding agencies place limitations on the number of proposals, applications, or nominations that an organization may submit. 

To learn more about funding and the limited-submission process, including internal deadlines and other requirements, view the Highlighted, Limited Submission, and Diversity Programs website.

Federal Funding (

Government-sponsored grants comprise the majority of sponsored research funding at Princeton. The federal government provides tens of billions in federal funding through 26 funding agencies. is the single access point for most grant programs, and features a free search tool. 

Note that Princeton is already registered with No additional registration is required. 

Non-Federal Opportunities

In addition to federal funding streams, the following may be of interest.

The Foundation Center

The Foundation Center compiles an extensive list of funding opportunities. For full access, visit the Foundation Directory from on-campus computers or via the Princeton University Library collection of Articles and Databases, found under Library Resources. 

Office of Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations

The University's office of Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations (CEFR) helps researchers identify and manage funding proposals to corporate and foundation sponsors. CEFR maintains relationships with sponsors that support research across a spectrum of scholarly endeavors. Researchers interested in external partnerships are strongly encouraged to contact them. 

Office of the Dean For Research 

University-funded opportunities are available to support specific research projects. These are managed by a variety of departments and offices. To learn more, visit the office of the Dean for Research.


Princeton subscribes to Pivot, an online resource that features funding opportunities from an array of global sponsors. Owned by ProQuest, Pivot allows researchers to find, track, and share funding opportunities aligned with their research interests.

  • Funding sources: Government, corporations, foundations, and private entities
  • Funding types: Research, fellowships, travel, equipment, prizes, and more  

Who can use Pivot?

Anyone with a Princeton email address can register for Pivot and receive customized weekly alerts. Pivot is also available to anyone on campus. 

Pivot Profiles and Pivot Advisor

After creating and saving personalized searches, you may sign up to receive a weekly email digest of new opportunities. You can also access a daily digest of opportunities. For best results, keep your profile up-to-date.

  • Pivot Profiles: Pivot creates profiles that capture your research interests and publications. 
  • Pivot Advisor: This daily digest presents funding and collaboration opportunities based on your Profile.

Pivot Guides

  • Pivot at a glance [PDF]: This one-page guide covers Pivot basics.
  • Pivot demo: Watch a 22-minute demo, customized for Princeton.
  • Pivot support: Explore instructional PDFs, videos and webinars. 

Have questions? Contact our Pivot Liaison at