Princeton subscribes to Pivot, an online resource that features funding opportunities from an array of global sponsors. Owned by ProQuest, Pivot allows researchers to find, track, and share funding opportunities aligned with their research interests.

  • Funding sources: Government, corporations, foundations, and private entities
  • Funding types: Research, fellowships, travel, equipment, prizes, and more  

Who Can Use Pivot?

Anyone with a Princeton email address can register for Pivot and receive customized weekly alerts. Pivot is also available to anyone on campus. 

Pivot Profiles and Pivot Advisor

After creating and saving personalized searches, you may sign up to receive a weekly email digest of new opportunities. You can also access a daily digest of opportunities. For best results, keep your profile up-to-date.

  • Pivot Profiles: Pivot creates profiles that capture your research interests and publications. 
  • Pivot Advisor: This daily digest presents funding and collaboration opportunities based on your Profile.

Pivot Guides

  • Pivot at a glance [PDF]This one-page guide covers Pivot basics.
  • Pivot demo: Watch a 22-minute demo, customized for Princeton.
  • Pivot support: Explore instructional PDFs, videos and webinars. 

Have questions? Contact our Pivot Liaison at kburkhar@princeton.edu