Coffee with ORPA: Everything You Want to Know About NCE’s!

Feb. 10, 2023

This hybrid session will take place in the Convocation Room at the Friend Center, or virtually at your desk! [Registration via the Employee Learning Center is required to receive the zoom link, or attend in-person]

This session will focus on:

  1. How to initiate an extension request
  2. Timing on requesting an extension
  3. Tracking end dates on your awards to ensure timely requests
  4. Navigating sponsor portals
  5. OPAR requests and differences between first, second and even third extension requests
  6. Nuances around fixed price contracts and how they vary from other types of awards

Registration is now open! We look forward to seeing you all and please reach out to Courtney Kohut, ORPA Training Manager at [email protected] with any questions.