Elizabeth Adams - Memo to Department Chairs/Directors and Department Managers - Princeton ERA

Aug. 17, 2020

DATE:  August 17, 2020

TO:       Department Chairs, Center and Institute Directors, and Department Managers (all via bcc)

FROM: Elizabeth Adams, Director, Office of Research and Project Administration

SUBJECT: Princeton ERA Launch – Monday, August 31st


Dear colleagues,

The Office of Research and Project Administration(link is external) (ORPA) is pleased to announce the launch of Princeton ERA, the successor to our 20-year old Coeus system. Effective Monday August 31st, Princeton researchers and research administrators will have a state-of-the-art proposal and agreement management software package that delivers on specific recommendations from the Taskforce on Administrative Workload in Research(link is external).  Princeton ERA will also reduce the administrative burden on faculty and staff, enhance reporting and operational intelligence to support improved decision-making, and ensure Princeton remains compliant in all its research activities.

What can you do to prepare for Princeton ERA’s launch?

I ask in advance for your support and patience as we work to launch and implement Princeton ERA. Its implementation (and the related changes to business processes to align with system functionality) will impact your department’s research administrators directly. Three specific things you can do to help your teams and ORPA prepare:

  • Ensure your team is registered for online trainingPrinceton ERA training will be delivered utilizing two formats, both of which require pre-registration through the Employee Learning Center(link is external):
    • Pre-recorded, self-paced classes which can be viewed and re-viewed anywhere with an internet connection, starting today, August 17th.
    • Live, instructor led classes on Zoom.  These classes will be taught in small cohorts so that the hands-on attention to which our community is accustomed from ORPA can be readily provided.
    • We are also currently offering through September a series of virtual “office hours”, which are open-ended, drop-in forums where trainees can ask any questions that may arise.  These office hours do not require pre-registration and can be accessed from the Princeton ERA webpage(link is external).
    • Please confirm your research administration staff is equipped from an IT standpoint to accomplish this training remotely.
  • Plan for proposal deadlines:  To enable a smooth transition from Coeus to Princeton ERA, the last day to submit proposals and non-funded agreements in Coeus is Friday, August 21st.  There will be no migration between Coeus proposal and Princeton ERA so it is important that proposals that are started in Coeus can be completed and approved by both the department approver and ORPA before we cut over to Princeton ERA.  Please allow appropriate time for your research administration staff to complete proposal development tasks completely in either the old or the new system. 

This one week of downtime (August 24-28) will not prevent the submission of proposals through the typical external sponsor portals.  That is, all proposal submission deadlines between Saturday, August 22nd and Sunday, August 30th will be met, but these proposals will have to be “caught-up” in Princeton ERA once we go live on Monday, August 31st if they were not finalized in Coeus by Friday, August 21st.

  • Socialize the concept of the electronic proposal assurance: Princeton ERA allows proposal approvals and related compliance certifications to be completed electronically, alleviating administrative burden for all.  In particular, please socialize this concept with your faculty.  Researchers as well as administrators will be able to review and submit electronic “Assurances” (the new PI Certification)--including on their mobile devices--wherever they have an internet connection.

I encourage you to reach out to your research-administration colleagues or me if you have questions. You can learn more about Princeton ERA here.