John Jenkins Promoted to Associate Director of Export Control

March 14, 2022

John Jenkins has been promoted to Associate Director of Export Control.  John started at Princeton in April 2016 as the Assistant Director of Export Control, the first individual to hold such a position at Princeton. In his first years at Princeton, John led the process of establishing the University’s formal export control program, developing infrastructure and investing in relationships across campus. More recently, in the face of continual pressure and scrutiny on the University’s export control functions, John has transformed the program, significantly strengthening it in multiple dimensions, while maintaining an exceptional commitment to customer service. John has also grown the program in his time at Princeton, overseeing the addition of an Export Control Manager position that he supervises. Princeton presently has an export control program that is both an integral part of the research enterprise at Princeton, and ensures the University’s ability to respond to an ever-changing regulatory environment. 

As you know, the Princeton research enterprise continues to thrive in its diversification of sponsors and collaborators, and its achievement of global impact, even through the worldwide pandemic and recent government concerns over inappropriate foreign influence. The export control team has played an important role in supporting this success over the last years. I am grateful for John’s thoughtfulness, work ethic and commitment to people in his daily work and in providing leadership to ORPA and the research community.

In his new role, John will play a greater role in research security-related initiatives in ORPA, including research data security.