ORPA Announcement - New Roles & Responsibilities

Jan. 26, 2024

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to make an announcement regarding ORPA staff with new roles and responsibilities.

First, I am proud to announce Marianna Korre's promotion to Office Manager, effective February 1. Marianna's journey with ORPA began three years ago as an administrative assistant. Her willingness to go above and beyond in her daily work have enhanced ORPA’s capabilities and led her to take on increasing responsibilities. Marianna's work is now a cornerstone of our operations, ensuring ORPA’s smooth functioning. This promotion recognizes her expanded role in supporting more teams and broader functions within ORPA.

Second, I am thrilled to share that Paula Looney and Francine Taylor have been elevated to the positions of Associate Director of Grants and Contracts as of the first of this year. Their outstanding research administration expertise, mentorship of people and dedication are a foundation of our office. These elevations will help ORPA undertake and optimize strategic programs and challenges, as well as enhance policies, procedures and tools that benefit the office and entire research administration community.

Third, in response to inappropriate foreign influence challenges facing the University over the last five years, I am delighted to announce that John Jenkins has assumed the role of Director of Research Security as of the first of this year. In this newly-established role, John will develop and maintain a research security program at Princeton, as required by recent federal guidance. In doing so, John will leverage the nationally-recognized export control program that he has established over the last several years. A teammate and friend already to many in Princeton’s research community, Princeton is very fortunate to have John in this crosscutting new role.

Please join me in congratulating Marianna, Paula, Francine and John. Looking forward to their continued contributions to the success of ORPA and the Princeton research enterprise.

Best wishes,