ORPA Proud To Report Strong Pursuit of COVID-19 Related Research Funding

June 21, 2020

Despite the unprecedented challenges of the last few months, including a general shutdown of on-campus activity, Princeton has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to research in its strong pursuit of COVID-19-related funding opportunities and collaborations.  Read more about sponsored research activity year-to-date here.

“The research community has shown remarkable resilience in this incredibly difficult time,” says Elizabeth Adams, Director of the Office of Research and Program Administration (ORPA). “The ORPA team, now 100% remote itself, has been inspired by how effectively research teams have worked off-site, including establishing new programs focused on the coronavirus. It’s heartening to see Princeton play a role in understanding and addressing the current health and societal crisis across a variety of academic disciplines.”

As of June 5, Princeton scholars had submitted 33 COVID-19-related proposals (17 more are pending) and 10 have already received more than $1.69M in funding.

COVID-19 Funding Chart showing proposals, awards and departments that submitted

Learn more about the ways Princeton researchers are applying their skills and abilities to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic here.