Princeton ERA is Live!

Aug. 31, 2020

We are delighted to announce launch of Princeton ERA, the successor to our 20-year old Coeus system.

Delivering on the recommendations of the Taskforce on Administrative Workload in Research, Princeton researchers and research administrators now have access to a state-of-the-art proposal and agreement management software that will reduce the administrative burden on faculty and staff, enhance reporting and operational intelligence to support improved decision-making, and ensure Princeton remains compliant in all its research activities.

What are some of the features of Princeton ERA?

  • It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, making it accessible wherever there is an internet connection.
  • The ability to submit proposals “system to system” to our sponsors, reducing the need for double-data entry.
  • The submission of a proposal can be handled in sections, permitting the development and review of the administrative sections of a proposal to be managed separately from the scientific portions of the proposal.
  • Principal Investigators now have the ability to review and submit their Proposal Assurance electronically from anywhere in the world, using their computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • The Agreements module will permit greater processing transparency for funded, non-funded and subaward agreements.
  • Enhanced Responsible Conduct of Research management data.
  • An increased number of data points, providing enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities.

What else has changed?

  • Over the last several months, ORPA has mapped new business processes to take advantage of the streamlining available in Princeton ERA.
  • Princeton ERA will allow the research administration community to engage electronically with our campus partners in other central administration offices through the use of the Ancillary review function to capture and document agreement reviews and overall proposal compliance requirements, streamlining these interactions.
  • Access to both instructor-led and self paced video training opportunities, providing each user of Princeton ERA the ability to choose their preferring learning method.  There are also scheduled “Office Hours” via Zoom, unstructured sessions in which users can drop in to ask any questions over a multi-week period.
  • The Princeton ERA webpage hosts the system login information, written guides, checklists and matrices to provide the users easy access to supporting documentation
  • All forms that may be required as supplementary documents for proposal or award management have been updated and are available on the ORPA website.
  • A new email has been established for requesting help with Princeton ERA – it is  This email replaces  Please update your records accordingly.
  • Coeus transitions into a semi-decommissioned status for the next year or so.  Details on how Coeus will be utilized during this time period are captured on the Coeus After Princeton ERA GoLive Quick Guide.

We would like to thank the entire Princeton ERA project team for their tireless efforts over the last many months to bring this new system to life. The team was not deterred by the pandemic, and remained passionate about the prospect of greatly improving research administration at Princeton throughout the project. We are grateful for their dedication and professionalism (and senses of humor).

Our sincerest appreciation and thanks goes out to our project leadership, including the Princeton ERA Steering Committee, the Project Champions, and Dean Pablo Debenedetti, our Project Executive.

Not least, we would also like to thank the research administration community broadly for their thoughtful and enthusiastic engagement throughout this project (including helping us select the Huron product), as well as their patience and support.

We are excited about the future of research at the University, powered by Princeton ERA. 

Princeton ERA - It’s a new era!