Samuel Formica

Sponsored Research Specialist
Email Address:
Office Location: 
87 Prospect Ave – Room 208C

Contact for:

  • Administrative support
  • Princeton ERA information management
  • Award management and closeouts

Sam serves as a liaison with faculty, departmental administrators, central offices, and all federal, corporate, and foundation sponsors. He is also responsible for providing administrative and operational support across all aspects of pre- and post-award management. Experienced in grant administration across the sponsored research lifecycle, Sam interprets proposal budgets and award-agreement terms for entry into the Princeton ERA grants management database; guides our partners through subrecipient invoice desk audits, award rebudgeting requests, and closeout notifications; and assists the ERA Manager with testing and questions regarding award processing and budgets.


Sam has been at Princeton since 1996, working within the Finance and Treasury Department's Purchasing Office before joining ORPA in 2014.


  • Sponsored Research Training
  • Basics of Research Administration


When not at Princeton, Sam enjoys playing golf, watching sports, and coaching his son’s teams.