Sandra Stephenson

Sponsored Research Specialist
Email Address:
Office Location: 
87 Prospect Ave – Room 208C

Contact for:

  • Administrative support
  • Princeton ERA information management
  • Award management and closeouts

Sandra serves as a liaison with faculty, departmental administrators, central offices, and all federal, corporate, and foundation sponsors. She is also responsible for providing administrative and operational support across all aspects of pre- and post-award activities. Experienced in grant administration across the sponsored research lifecycle, Sandra interprets proposal budgets and award-agreement terms for entry into the Princeton ERA grants-management database; guides our partners through subrecipient invoice desk audits, award rebudgeting requests, and closeout notifications; and assists the ERA Manager with testing and questions regarding award processing and budgets.


Before joining ORPA in 2004, Sandra worked for Ferguson Enterprises as an Administrative Assistant.


  • Fundamentals of Sponsored Projects Administration Level I
  • Sponsored Project Administration Level II
  • Princeton University HR Management Development Certificate