Export Controls

As a premier research university in the United States, Princeton University supports the free dissemination and open publication of research results.  As a result,  Princeton University research projects qualify for the fundamental research exclusion to export control regulations. Although academic research activities at the University qualify for the fundamental research exclusion and therefore are not subject to export control regulations, there are certain situations in which the export of tangible items, technical and scientific data, or software is either prohibited by law or requires an export license or other government approval.

Throughout this section of the website, you will find a summary of export control regulations as they apply to University faculty, staff, and students. The term export controls includes the laws and regulations that govern the export of any item or technology from the United States to a foreign country or to non-U.S. persons. It is important to be aware of export control regulations because violations can expose both you and the University to civil and criminal penalties. United States government export controls apply to the following:

  • Shipments of items or articles to overseas destinations
  • Transfer of technical data to non-U.S. persons within the United States
  • Interactions with persons for whom restrictions have been put in place by the United States government (debarred parties)
  • Transactions with countries subject to United States government sanctions and embargoes
Export Controls Policy
Review the export controls policy that governs all University activities.
Exports and Imports
Explore licensing rules related to inbound and outbound shipments.
OFAC Sanctioned Countries

Understand how sanctions, embargoes, and other restrictions may apply.

Working with Non-U.S. Persons
Observe restricted party regulations on-campus, online, and abroad.
International Travel
Travel smart and protect Princeton and your personal information.
Conference Considerations
Plan a conference that fully aligns with export control regulations.
Export Controls Training

Request export controls training, including classes and presentations.