Foreign National Employees & Visiting Scholars

What are the concerns?

Staff and visitors from overseas are a vital part of our University community and contribute to the vibrancy of our academic and research activities.  These individuals may be undergraduate or graduate students, post-doctoral candidates, staff, faculty, visiting scholars, or other visitors. However, foreign national visitors may be knowingly or unknowingly acting on behalf of an entity of concern.

Foreign Employees

In addition to addressing concerns related to other regulatory requirements, such as access to export-controlled information, access to intellectual property, the University must proactively and systematically address potential foreign influence concerns while preserving the overall objective of inviting and maintaining global academic and research talent.

Princeton’s Actions:

Include information on institutional steps taken, such as: 

  • RPS on current and past home-country affiliations of foreign national visa candidates
  • Any specific processes related to hiring/onboarding foreign nationals, that may include a foreign influence filters/questions.



Processes, Forms, and Tools:

  • Export Control Visa Due Diligence Form
  • Export Control Deemed Export Questionnaire