Gifts from Foreign Entities

Receiving Gifts from Foreign Entities

What are the concerns?

Gifts or other forms of outside support could potentially become a vehicle for foreign influence if there are informal expectations that the donor receives something in return – e.g., if the donor expects to receive information in exchange for the gift. 

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Recent foreign influence cases at other research institutions have also illuminated the connection between overseas resources offered to U.S. Principal Investigators (PI) (e.g., laboratory resources or student research support coming from a foreign institution) and potential errors and/or omissions in required Conflict of Interest and Commitment reporting. To combat such omissions, both federal law requires biannual reporting of Gifts and Agreements with a Foreign source, subject to certain thresholds and limitations. 

Princeton’s Actions:

  • HEA 117 reporting
  • Review of proposed gifts, including RPS for named parties to an NDA and/or MTA
  • Process for researchers to disclose outside support as part of the Conflict of Interest disclosure process