International Travel

What are the concerns?

The vast majority of international travel would not normally trigger foreign influence concerns. However, travel for the purpose of cultivating a relationship with an un-vetted foreign institution, or to conduct work that directly involves a foreign government or its representatives is of potential concern. 

Princeton’s Actions:

Princeton implements a robust international travel review process to identify travel that could increase foreign influence risks.  Princeton’s Travel Policy, overseen by the Office of Global Safety & Security, screens travel and foreign activities engaged in by faculty, researchers, and research department staff.  The goal of the policy is to ensure that University Travel is conducted with a risk-based, intelligence-driven approach—one that strives to enable Princeton travelers to safely, securely, and legally travel to as many places as possible. 

Globe Strategies

Guidance for International Travel:

All persons traveling on University-related international travel are expected to register their travel.  Travel to certain high-risk destinations may also require that the traveler complete a certification or qualify for an exception to the policy. 

Traveling overseas with laptops, cellphones, or other electronic devices may increase the risk of loss of data or compromise.  One method to reduce this risk to utilize the University’s laptop loaner program.  The Office of Information Security provides additional guidance related to international travel on their website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question A:  A foreign entity has offered to pay for my airfare and lodging to present at an international conference.  May I accept this offer?

Answer:  Yes, provided that the foreign entity is not a prohibited or restricted party, the gift would not present a Conflict of Interest, and the payment is accurately reported to your federal sponsors (if required). Please reach out to the Research Security team for assistance in reviewing this transaction.

Question B:  I need to return home to care for an ailing parent, but I want to continue my research activities.  Can I continue to work on my NSF project from India?  If so, are special approvals or devices required?

Answer: [Provide guidance on Princeton policies/requirements, including HR and tax considerations, IT device policies, NSF foreign component reporting/approvals, etc.)