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Coeus Replacement Project

9-4-18: Coeus Replacement Project Announcement

Coeus, our grants database, is approaching its end of life.  While some of us may be sad to see our old friend retire, we are also excited to see what the new kids on the block can offer to make grants administration more efficient.

Stay tuned for regular updates on this exciting project!

9-25-18: Coeus Detailed Feedback Review Session to be held on Oct. 23

This summer, ORPA held a series of focus groups with Coeus central administrative and department users to find out what Coeus users want in a replacement product.   There was also an online survey for users who could not attend a focus group or who wished to remain anonymous.  A summary of this feedback was provided at the September Coffee with ORPA but this session, to be held on Oct 23 at 9:30am in the Friend Center Convocation Room,  will go into more detail.  Find out everything users had to say about Coeus likes, dislikes, and areas for improvement.  We want to make sure that we heard you, so please register for this session on the Princeton training site and validate our understanding of your feedback.    For those unable to attend, materials will be available on this page after the session.

10-1-18: Coeus Replacement RFP Released

Thanks again for your feedback about what you’re looking for in a Coeus replacement!  Your feedback from the focus groups and online survey was incorporated into the Coeus Replacement RFP which was released to 8 vendors on Wednesday Sept 26.  Vendors have 3 weeks to respond to the RFP.  

We look forward to seeing you at the detailed feedback review session on Oct 23.   Attending this session will help us validate your feedback while we review the responses to the RFP.  Please register for the session on the Princeton training site if you haven’t already.

10-23-18: Coeus Detailed Feedback slides + Online Survey + Naming Suggestions

Thank you to everyone who attended the Coeus Replacement Detailed Feedback review session on 10/23.  If you weren’t able to attend, a PDF of the PowerPoint slides is here.

An Online Survey is now available for you to submit any feedback we missed or misstated in the feedback review, or any feedback that you thought of after your focus group or that was inspired by the detailed feedback review session.  We are also looking for suggestions about how to best engage the community during the vendor demos and sandbox phase of the project.

Also we are collecting suggestions for naming the Coeus replacement!  Our first suggestion is from Ian Finch, Coeus programmer:  TRAX (Tiger Research Administration eXcellence).  Please think it over and let us know your suggestions through this online survey link.


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