Welcome to Coeus 4.5.1 P2. The University uses Coeus to manage proposal data. Below you will find everything you need to help you with the system.

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Coeus Replacement Project

Coeus, our grants database, is approaching its end of life.  While some of us may be sad to see our old friend retire, we are also excited to see what the new kids on the block can offer to make grants administration more efficient.

Stay tuned for regular updates on this exciting project!


Coeus Resources

Training Environment

"Play" in Coeus without using the live production version:

Note: Launching the training version of Premium will create another icon on your desktop labeled "Coeus TRN."  Please be careful to work in the Coeus version you intend to use.



Detailed Guides

Cost Sharing

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Please visit the ORPA Forms Library for access to all Coeus forms.

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