NASA Guidance

Last updated 6-8-2021

NASA has long-standing restrictions in its grant and contract awards related to China included in their Proposers Guidebook (section 2.2.1) and Unsolicited Proposers Guidebook (section 1).

(From NASA Grants Management Handbook):

C3. ..By submission of its proposal, the proposer represents that the proposer is not China or a Chinese owned company, and that the proposer will not participate, collaborate, or coordinate bilaterally with China or any Chinese-owned company, at the prime recipient level or at any subrecipient level, whether the bilateral involvement is funded or performed under a no- exchange of funds arrangement.

This restriction applies to bilateral activities with China or any Chinese-owned company.  It does not apply to multilateral activities.  Nor does it restrict the participation of Chinese students or visiting scholars in NASA projects.  Rather the restriction applies to engagement with the government of China or Chinese-owned companies on NASA projects.



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