National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health Director, Dr. Francis Collins, published a notice on September 17, 2018 titled. "Changing the culture of science to end sexual harassment." 

Related to this notice, the NIH has developed the webpage, NIH Anti-Sexual Harassment, which includes their policy statement, frequently asked questions, laws and regulations, and a link to the NIH Office of Extramural Research's Anti-Sexual Harassment webpage.  Additionally, Mike Lauer's, "Open Mike" blog post from September 17, 2018  provides content on the subject. 

Update - March 1, 2019

The National Institutes of Health have convened a working group under the Advisory Committee to the Director to review Changing the Culture to End Sexual Harassment.  This working group, comprised of leaders in the field, are charged with assessing the current state of sexual harassment allegation investigations at NIH-funded organizations, advising on oversight, accountability and reporting measures for awardee institutions, propose actions and policies that will promote a safe and inclusive environment and to suggest system-wide changes to culture and climate to prevent harassment and discrimination in the future.  Dr. Francis Collins also released a statement on February 28th updating NIH's efforts on this topic.  Please review the information contained in the links above for more details.

Update - June 14, 2019

The NIH's Deputy Director for Extramural Research, Mike Lauer, published an update on a new form that is available for use to notify the agency about a concern that sexual harassment is affecting an NIH-Funded activity.  Building on the information included in the statement from NIH leadership on addressing  sexual harassment in science, the NIH announced a new webform that allows for anyone in the biomedical research community to share information related to a potential case of sexual harassment directly and, if desired, anonymously, to NIH.   For additional information and resources, please see NIH’s Anti-Sexual Harassment website.