Princeton ERA

Welcome to Princeton ERA, the University’s system for managing proposals, funded and non-funded sponsored research agreements, subaward initiation and modification requests, and RCR tracking. Below you will find everything you need to help you with the system.

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Guides By Role

The Number and Name of Guides are subject to change as the Training team continues the development of these resources.

Department Administrator

Introduction to Princeton ERA

What’s New and Different with Princeton ERA

Funding Proposals


Cost Sharing

NIH s2s

Proposal Reporting


Agreements Reporting

Department Approver

Approving Proposals

Principal Investigator

PI Assurance

Central Administrator

Introduction to Princeton ERA

What’s New and Different with Princeton ERA

Ancillary Review for Central Administrators

Proposals and Agreements Viewing and Reporting


Live, instructor led training via Zoom and pre-recorded video trainings are available. Both the live instructor-led and the video training contains the same content.  Please register for either type through the Employee Learning Center.  Please review the Training Tracks to determine which training offerings are best for you.

Training Tracks By Role
Track Area Mandatory

Self Paced Training

(at Your Desk)

Pre-Recorded Videos

Instructor Led

Virtual Training

Department Administrator Proposals Y Funding Proposals Funding Proposals
  Proposals Y Budget Budget
  Proposals   Cost Sharing Cost Sharing
  Proposals   NIH s2s* NIH s2s
  Proposals   Funding Proposal (FP) Reporting** Funding Proposal (FP) Reporting
  Agreements   Agreements Agreements
  Agreements   Agreements Reporting** Agreements Reporting
Department Approver Proposals Y Approving Proposals Approving Proposals
Principal Investigator (PI) Proposals Y PI Assurance None
Central Administrator Proposals and Agreements Y Central Administrator*** Central Administrator
RCR Administrator RCR Y RCR Reporting* RCR Reporting

* Available mid-September, 2020

** Available late-September, 2020

*** Introduction and Ancillary Review for Central Administrators available now, Viewing and Reporting available late-September

Forms, Matrices and Tools


Please visit the ORPA Forms Library for access to all Princeton ERA forms.

  • Blended Fringe Benefit Rate Tool
  • Effort Distribution Tool

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