Sponsored Research Dashboard

The sponsored research dashboard summarizes and visualizes information about proposals submitted, awards received, and expenditures by external sponsor. You must be logged in to the Princeton VPN to access this tool.  There is a quick guide that can be accessed once logged into the Dashboard.

If you have any questions, please contact the ORPA ERA team.


  • The URL is https://tableau.princeton.edu
  • On wireless? VPN must be used.
  • On a Mac? Please set the following option: Apple menu > System Preferences > General > Show Scroll Bars > Always
  • Manually typing in URL? Include the “s” in “https”


  • The data starts with FY12.
  • The dashboard is updated monthly.
  • If Princeton is a subawardee: 
    • If NSF is the prime sponsor and Harvard is the sponsor, this proposal/award/expenditure is recorded as sponsor type federal and would list NSF as the sponsor.
  • Proposals:
    • Department is the unit submitting the proposal at the main dept level (ends in “00”).
    • PI is the lead PI submitting the proposal.
    • Co-PIs are not included.
    • Non-funded agreements are not included.
    • FY17 onward does not include white papers/LOI/pre-proposals.
  • Awards:
    • Department is the unit managing the award.
    • Pre-Prime, the awards were all at the main dept level (ends in “00”).
    • Post-Prime, awards may be entered either in the main dept or in a sub-dept.
    • PI is the lead PI on the sponsor award document.
    • Co-PIs are not included.
  • Expenditures:
    • Expenditure amounts are by Project PI and Project Department.
    • Counts are by Award PI and Award Department.