Princeton works with numerous external funding partners to advance our faculty’s research objectives. Each sponsor awards and administers their funding differently, with unique requirements related to everything from proposal guidelines to reporting standards. It is important to familiarize yourself with complete sponsor expectations to ensure full compliance and efficient disbursement of funding.

ORPA uses Princeton ERA to track and submit all research funding proposals. Visit our Princeton ERA page for access and training opportunities. Depending on your proposal, you may also need to utilize a sponsor-specific submission portal.

Federal Agencies

NEW sponsor-specific pages have been created to highlight important news, guides, policies and procedures. 

FDP Prior Approval Matrix - Table, by sponsor, outlining types of requests requiring prior sponsor approval.

Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)
Air Force Research Lab (AFRL)
Army Research Office (ARO)
Department of Energy (DOE)
Department of Defense (DOD)
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Department of Energy (DOE)

  • WorkSpace: Proposal Submission Portal for DOE (Grants.gov)
  • NEW! Information specific to submitting proposals to the DOE, including information on new CITI Training requirement. Details coming soon.
  • Interim Conflict of Interest policy

State of New Jersey

Marie Sktodowska-Curie (Marie Curie Fellowships)

  • Internal Guidance Document
  • External Guidance Document
  • Commitment Letter Sample - update and send to your GCA for updates and signature - upload to ERA.
  • Agreement Template - request from your GCA after being notified of a new award from the Host institution.
  • Princeton PIC Number: 999515355