Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)

No Cost Extension Request Platform

Requests for NCE's to AFOSR are routed via the APAN system by your GCA.

You will need the following information to accompany your OPAR. Your GCA will be unable to route the request if any information is missing.

  • Original and proposed end dates
  • Justification for request; reason why work is delayed relative to original schedule. 
  • Completed SF425 Federal Financial Report (Request completion from your SRA rep prior to routing the OPAR to your GCA via ERA).
  • Formal NCE request letter from ORPA (work with your GCA on obtaining this document)
  • Ensure all required annual reports have been submitted for this grant - confirm with your PI.

Approval of an NCE is not automatic - requests will be denied for insufficient justification statements and if the formal request is not on University letterhead.