Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Through partnerships with academia, industry and government, ONR coordinates and sponsors scientific research and technology development for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. 

Submissions for ONR are routed through WorkSpace/

Routing No Funds Extensions (NFE) 

  • Be aware of your awards period-of-performance (POP). 
  • Requests for extensions should be submitted to ONR 60 days in advance and no later than 14 days in advance of the POP expiration date. Date of NFE submission is based on acknowledgement of submission by the ONR Regional Administrative Office. Only the ACO can approve the request for NFE and modify the grant.
  • If you did NOT receive an email notification from the ONR Regional Administrative Office,  email the NFE request  to the ONR Regional Administrative Office identified in block 23.a. of the grant.

Making the NFE request - Provide the following:

1. Grant Number

2. Current Period of Performance and the time period of the extension being requested. (Max is 12 months) Request a reasonable time period which can be supported by a description of the remaining work.

3. The amount of remaining funds.

4. Make a statement as to whether there are sufficient funds under the grant to cover the extended period. NFEs will not be granted without sufficient funds available to complete the remaining deliverables.

5. The status of the research effort; the Grantee should indicate what task(s) have been completed and what task(s) will be performed during the extension period.

6. Submit the request to the ONR REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE.

See full details included in the NFE request hyperlink