Pre-Award: Proposal Development

Proposals submitted with the intent of Princeton receiving possible sponsored research award funds must be routed for review and approval prior to proposal submission.

Research administrators are required to route final proposals through Princeton ERA (internal proposal tracking system) a minimum of five (5) business days prior to the sponsor deadline to permit the best opportunity for thorough review, approval and submission.

Please be aware some departments have implemented their own internal proposal deadline policies so make sure to verify whether your department has applicable deviations from the five-business day deadline.

ORPA and your Grant & Contract Administrator (GCA) in partnership with your department research administrator play a key role in proposal development, whether you are planning a new project or seeking to supplement or continue a previous award. Our ORPA grant and contract administration team offers detail-oriented guidance and support in collaboration with your department research administrator, with insight into the preparation of required proposal documents, compliance with sponsor and University guidelines, and the submission of complete proposals.

The best way to position your project for success is to notify your department research administrator of new submissions early, providing all available required documentation well in advance of a deadline to allow for thorough review and approval.

  • Princeton ERA's dual submission (multi-prong) approach permits the researcher to continue to develop the project narrative closer to the deadline while the balance of the administrative proposal sections are "locked-down" earlier for review and approval by ORPA.

Proposal Considerations

NIH Biosketch and Other Support

Budget Preparation

Additional Proposal Requirements

Compliance: Human Subjects, Vertebrate Animals, Conflict of Interest, Export Controls and More