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eRA Commons: Create & Manage an eRA Commons Account
If you have a previous eRA Commons profile for another institution, contact Marianna Korre at [email protected] to have your account updated to Princeton University. You will need to ask your previous institution to unaffiliate you first. / WorkSpace

No login required for the Principal Investigator Online Help

Register for an account to You will need to add Princeton University's UEI (NJ1YPQXQG7U5) to your profile. A notification will be sent to the Office of Research & Project Administration, and your account will be activated and linked to Princeton University. [NSF]

An account will be needed for all Principal Investigators & Senior/Key Personnel on the proposal.
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Grants Managers should setup their own accounts and have PI's designate them as Other Authorized Users for each proposal.

Not sure if you have an existing NSF ID? You can lookup an ID with your email address.

If you need your account to be affiliated with PU, contact Marianna Korre at [email protected]

SAGE If you need a new account, contact Marianna Korre at [email protected].
NOAA Grants Online If you need a new account, contact Marianna Korre at [email protected]
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