ORPA serves as a key resource for the management of subawards, from proposal development through close-out. ORPA's role in the support for this work is determined by the nature of the funding. Princeton can be considered either a Prime Recipient or a Subrecipient of a subaward. The distinction is whether Princeton is receiving the subaward (subrecipient) or granting the subaward (prime recipient).

Getting Started

Below, you will find an outline of the typical prime recipient subaward lifecycle, with details on common steps and documentation requirements. While every subaward situation is unique, this is a good place to begin. Refer to the Subrecipient/Contractor Classification Form (see Forms Library) to determine whether your research requires use of an Independent Contractor (Vendor) Agreement or a Subaward. For Independent Contractor Agreements, please review the information on paying independent contractors on the Finance and Treasury website.

As you get started, please review the University’s Subaward Policy and Procedures for further details and requirements. Please note that you must submit all required information to the Subaward Administration team for work to begin on subaward issuance. Have questions? Contact your Subaward Administrator.

Prime Recipient Subaward Lifecycle

Issuing funds to another entity where Princeton University is the prime recipient of the award funds.

The ORPA Subaward Administration team's focus is on sponsored projects conducted in partnership with other organizations, universities, or research institutions where Princeton is receiving the funding from the sponsor and is establishing a contractual relationship with its partners in order to complete the work. In this type of interaction, Princeton is considered the prime recipient issuing subawards for outbound funding.  

Subrecipient Subaward Lifecycle

Princeton University is receiving funds from another entity as the subrecipient.

When you are named as a research partner on a funding proposal awarded to another university or research institution, it is an inbound award and Princeton is considered the subrecipient. These types of awards are managed by the ORPA Grant and Contract Administration team.


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