Transfers and Terminations

Under certain circumstances, you may wish to transfer an open award granted to Princeton. The reverse can also happen: When joining the University, you may wish to continue an ongoing sponsored research project here. ORPA serves as your point of contact for all such requests. Please reach out to your Departmental Contact for more information about the process.

Transfer and Termination Procedures

Transfer Requests: Inbound and Outbound

Ultimately, it is up to the sponsor to decide if your award may be transferred. That decision can be based on a number of factors, from the organizational readiness of the institution to the nuances of transferring materials and equipment. The process of reissuing an award can take several months.

Inbound Transfers

As the incoming PI, you and your current institution will initiate the transfer request with the sponsor. Your new department at Princeton will then work with ORPA to initiate the transferred award here. 

Although your project is already in progress, this is technically considered to be a new proposal. As such, it will need to be developed in our house tracking system, Princeton ERA, and routed in the same manner as any other proposal.

Outbound Transfers

In the event that you decide to leave Princeton while in the midst of a sponsored project, you must work with your department and ORPA to confirm whether the award may be transferred. Because all awards are technically granted to Princeton, the University has the right to retain the award.

Request an outbound transfer:
  • Submit your transfer request, with departmental approvals, to ORPA.  
  • ORPA will review it and submit the request to the sponsor.  
  • Written sponsor approval is required for the transfer of the award from one legal entity to another. The sponsor may request specific documentation, including progress reports, relinquishing statements, or material transfer requests. Your ORPA contact will guide you through the process.

Please be aware that lab equipment and materials may or may not be approved to leave the University as part of the transfer. Should you wish to include such items in the transfer, you must work with your department to resolve those details.

Please also be aware that outbound transfers may require early termination of Princeton issued subawards.  Please contact your Subaward Administrator if there are subawards issued on an award being transferred.

Early Termination

Sponsored award terms and conditions typically include early termination notification requirements that allow for either University or the sponsor initiation. 

  • Sponsor-initiated termination: The sponsor must provide written notification to ORPA, who will contact you and your department immediately.  If the termination notice is sent to the PI or department, ORPA should be sent a copy immediately. 
  • University-initiated termination: Written notification must be submitted by ORPA to the sponsor.

ORPA will work with you to evaluate the termination notice, plan a formal response to the sponsor, and begin the closeout process. In the event of early termination, all required reports must still be provided to the sponsor.  Keep in mind that early terminations can impact Princeton issued subawards.  Please notify your Subaward Administrator if your award is terminated,


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