Award Closeout

Closing out a sponsored research award is a collective effort, involving the PI, department, Sponsored Research Accounting (SRA), the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL), and ORPA. Below is a summary of roles and responsibilities.

Note: The department and PI must adhere to the University’s Record Retention Policy and sponsor guidelines for retention of all technical, financial, and other supporting award documentation.

Roles and Responsibilities

Principal Investigator (PI)
  • Ensures Scope of Work is accomplished and that requirements to make research results accessible within the designated timeframe
  • Manages expenditures within award funding limitations
  • Completes all Effort Certifications for project personnel
  • Prepares and submits Technical Reports to the sponsor in accordance with award specifications
  • Addresses any additional award-specific closeout requirements
Departmental Administrator
  • Assists PIs in managing final expenditures, adhering to award funding limitations and confirming that all project expenses were allowable, allocable, and reasonable
  • Ensures proper accounting of all cost sharing expenses
  • Resolves overruns or expenditure issues with Sponsored Research Accounting (SRA)
  • Assists PI as needed in the submission of the final Technical Report to the sponsor
Sponsored Research Accounting
  • Performs a final review of all project spending
  • Reviews records for unallowable charges or overruns
  • Notifies department of any overruns, over-expended balances, purchase order encumbrances, or other issues
  • Reviews Cost Sharing Commitments
  • Ensures sponsor payments have been received
  • Prepares and submits Financial Report and/or Final Invoice
  • Closes award
  • Works with the department to confirm the closeout of all Subaward Agreements 
  • Works with subrecipients to obtain final invoices
  • Ensures Accounts Payable has issued final payment to subrecipients  
  • Prepares and submits the final Property Report to the sponsor