Administrator Research Certification (ARC)


  • In-house program tailored specifically to the Princeton University audience
  • Professional development program for Princeton University staff interested in sponsored research, or increasing existing knowledge
  • In-depth training opportunity covering the cradle-to-grave sponsored research life cycle at a basic level accessible to all
  • Opportunity to network and build a supportive community of knowledgeable research administrators
  • Provide Princeton’s research administrators an opportunity to receive an internal certification and show off their hard work!

Intended Audience:

The ARC Program offers professional development opportunities to individuals new to or interested in a career in sponsored research (less than 2-3 years of experience) The depth and breadth of this program ensures that even more seasoned research administrators will find the investment of their time worthwhile.  ORPA will prioritize the program for those new to Research Administration or Princeton, but will be open to all interested parties.

Program Curriculum

The ARC program will consists of a set of eight (8) core classes and six (6) electives to choose from. 

All participants will begin the program by attending Orientation, and then review the core classes and select from six (6) elective classes, choosing three (3) that best fit their interests.  Classes are tailored to performing the fundamentals of research administration while navigating the Princeton systems, considering both sponsor and University policies and procedures. Classes are designed to build a solid foundation that can easily expand allowing elevated research administrative support within their roles at Princeton and beyond. 

Program Hours to Certification and Time to Completion

Each class will be approximately 60 minutes with both virtual and in-person options, however multiple modules include additional hour-long lab requirements where hands-on activities will be performed allowing for skills application. Labs may or may not run concurrently with the related core-class (TBD). Participants will have the ability to complete the certification program in as little as 12 months, or as long as 24 (no sessions during the summer months) based on schedule flexibility and existing job workload. The total in-class time commitment will be approximately 20 hours, not including any pre-work assignments or homework.  In order to receive full certification, see the requirements outlined in the application expectations.  

Participation Requirements

Coming Soon.

    Collaborating Offices and Groups

    The Administrator Research Certification program is a collaborative effort across a variety of offices and groups at Princeton. The following offices and groups will teach segments of the program:

    • Dean of the Faculty (DOF)
    • Graduate School (DGS)
    • Human Resources (HR)
    • Office of Audit and Compliance (OAC)
    • Office of Research and Project Administration (ORPA)
    • Research Integrity and Assurance (RIA)
    • Selected grants managers
    • Sponsored Research Accounting (SRA)
    • ….and more!

    Program Development Support

    Steering Committee: Elizabeth Adams, Hope Caldwell, Maureen Connolly, Floe Fusin-Wischusen, Matt Kotsovolos, Ann Cannon, Stuart Leland, Paula Looney, Sarah McGovern, Glynis Sherard, Albana Cejne, Lisa Baratta, Allison Petito, and Courtney Kohut.

    Questions regarding the program can be sent to Courtney Kohut, Training & Shared Services Manager, at